Thursday, December 19, 2013

Was Phil Robertson wrongfully suspended?

     I have been reading comment via facebook and twitter stating the fact that the patriarch of the Robertson family and the Duck Commander brand Phil Robertson was in violation of his contact with A&E. In a interview with the magazine “GQ” Robertson was asked about his faith and his views on Homosexuality. Saying that his faith teaches him that homosexuality is a sin. Leftist groups were salivating at that statement. 

      Now let us address the concerns of “he violated his contract with A&E.” I have never seen the contract nor read any legitimate article citing Robertson’s contract.  If anyone of you in facebook land can produce a copy of his contract, please shoot me a message with it. I would love to see it. Until then, please sit down and shut up. If you claim, it is a violation of his contract then please produce something to back up your claim. 

      Secondly, let us address “His comments were too graphic.”  All he did was state parts of the male and female body. I saw a lot worse when Miley Cyrus was at the MTV Award show a few months ago.  Watching her “twerking” on a married man with children but was something everyone laughed at? Until we censor Hip Hop, music (Which says far worse) we should not worry about what Phil said. 

      All right now to get to A&E, your move was stupid. The hit “Duck Dynasty” does not cater to the homosexual market place. If you were to poll viewers of “Duck Dynasty” you would see a majority stands behind and believes what Phil said.  In addition, “Duck Dynasty” is built on Christian principals. “Duck Dynasty” is the number one rated show on your network (Which in April beat “American Idol”). The money you have raked in on the backs of the Robertson family is astounding. You cannot go anywhere without seeing their face, you get money from that. Therefore, this was a very stupid business move on your part. 

     Now, let us look at the legal ramification that could come from doing so. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin. Did A&E deny further employment to Phil Robertson due to his religious belief? I do believe so. So to those who say that A&E was well within their rights to suspend Phil Robertson, prove your point? Otherwise, a civil rights case can be made.  You cannot be fired for religious or political view or airing those views. It’s like a company firing someone for saying they hate America.  It is also like firing someone of Muslim belief because he/she might have a radical view when it comes to America. It is also like firing someone for being a communist or an anarchist and airing those views.  ALL OF THE ABOVE CASES ARE WRONGFUL TERMINATION! 

     It is a sad day in a America when someone has to worry about repercussions for having a different view point either it be in favor or opposition to homosexuality. Where is the liberty and freedom? 

-Editor Parker G. Ward